NAIOP's Four-Point Promise

NAIOP is committed to leading its members and the commercial real estate development industry through today's challenging economic climate. To that end, NAIOP offers an ongoing pledge that outlines the specific steps it will take in 2010 to serve as a platform of stability and opportunity for the industry.

The obstacles - frozen capital sources, a turbulent global economy and the decline in transactions and employment - are beginning to show signs of improvement, yet their sustained impact on member businesses and the industry will yield a considerable recovery period.

In tough economic times, NAIOP members need their association more than ever. NAIOP renews its pledge to continually assess the economy and its impact on real estate, extending the following promise to support our members. In 2010, NAIOP will:

1. Seek Solutions to the Credit and Capital Crisis

Work for public policy solutions that increase capital sources, create jobs and assist commercial real estate in its recovery.

Maintain a Commercial Credit and Capital Advisory Board of experts to interpret trends and advise members on strategies for accessing capital.

2. Provide You with Critical Education and Information

Expand the array and delivery method of industry education - including online courses and Webinars, chapter-delivered programs and traditional courses - that culminate in a certificate program through NAIOP's new Center for Education.

Host live conferences that will provide opportunities to talk one-on-one with industry veterans, economists and experts.

Deliver free Solutions Series online briefings - real-time viewpoints and practical strategies about industry trends, opportunities and strategies.

3. Protect the NAIOP Member Advantage

Offer complimentary membership to long-standing NAIOP members who become unemployed, while they are seeking employment within the industry.

Support Developing Leader members with essential resources specifically targeted towards this next generation of leaders, ensuring that they endure - and thrive - today so they are prepared to lead tomorrow.

Strengthen the chapter structure so that members are afforded local, regional and North American networking and education, ensuring that you are well-connected and positioned to capitalize on ensuing business opportunities.

4. Offer Exceptional Membership Services

Offer alternative methods of continuing membership in tough times, including dues renewal options and ongoing support for long-standing NAIOP members seeking uninterrupted membership, despite a change in employment status.

Put forward career tools for all members, and continue worthwhile professional development resources for Developing Leaders and others seeking growth and new opportunities.